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Running the NO Experiment

To run this experiment you must obligatory specify either a supplier (Suppliers table) or an Initial stock (Product Storages table), or both of them.

If no path is specified for the user-defined DC, Network Optimization experiment will not consider it.

To run the Network Optimization experiment

  1. Click the Network Optimization scenario type tab in the anyLogistix toolbar, and select the scenario to work with.
  2. Navigate to the experiments section and select Network Optimization.

    If the Experiment settings window is not open, click in the experiments controls.

  3. Set the experiment settings:
    • Specify the demand type in the Select demand variation type parameter.
    • Define the objective by selecting the required option in the Select search type for N best solutions.
    • Now specify the number of solutions that you need to find in the Number of best solutions to find.
    • Set the time limit in the Optimization time limit,sec parameter.
    • If needed, specify the Relative MIP gap.
  4. Click Run to execute the experiment. A progress bar will appear showing the progress of downloading the required routes. The experiment will be executed once all the routes have been downloaded.
  5. Analyze the results of the experiment provided.
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