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anyLogistix Editions

You can start anyLogistix and create supply chain models with one of the following licenses:

  • PLE (Personal Learning Edition) — is intended for personal or any non-commercial use. It offers the complete set of anyLogistix Professional features and analytical tools with certain restrictions.
  • Academic — is intended for education use only. It is a fully functional anyLogistix Professional version offering the complete set of features and tools. The title and the map have a watermark notifying you of the license type you are using.
  • Professional — is intended for commercial use only. It is a fully functional version with the complete set of features and tools.

    The Professional edition is also available as a Professional Server.

Professional Server

anyLogistix Professional Server is a multi-user application. It runs on your server for a team of anyLogistix users who access their projects from a web browser on any device, including tablets.

anyLogistix Professional Server uses UTC and not your local time. The information on licenses is also shown in UTC. This is done for proper syncing when it comes to users working in different time zones.

Peculiarities of the anyLogistix Professional Server:

  • It is a browser application. It can be installed on a Linux server only.
  • Every user has a personal profile (registered by this user or the product administrator).
  • Multiple users can access anyLogistix Professional Server at the same time.

    Once a user enters a project, it becomes occupied, so there can only be one user in a project at the same time.

  • Every time the application is opened in another browser tab / another device, the previous session ends in favor of the new session.
  • The user licenses are handled by the Team License Server. Installing Team License Server is mandatory for anyLogistix Professional Server usage.
  • A Control Panel is available for every user to manage and control access to your projects and scenarios they contain.

Personal Learning Edition Restrictions

The PLE version is intended for personal, educational, and any other non-commercial use. It offers the complete set of Professional features and analytical tools, however, there are certain restrictions that are applied to the Personal Learning Edition license:

  • The Control Panel is not available.
  • Only one default project is available.
  • Each scenario within a project may contain:
    • 100 customers
    • 10 DCs and factories
    • 10 products
    • 3 suppliers
  • The following tables are not available:
    • Custom constraints
    • Demand forecast
    • Indicator constraints
    • Linear ranges
    • Milk runs
    • Objective members
    • Vehicle selection mode
  • The following experiments are not available:
    • GFA with roads
    • Safety stock estimation
  • The MRP (Material Requirements Planning) policy is not available.
  • Experiment may process up to 10 Replications.

Visually the PLE version has the Non-commercial use only statement, which is available:

  1. In the title of anyLogistix
  2. As a watermark on the map

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