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anyLogistix Technical Support

The Get support dialog box allows any user to describe the issue and send it to anyLogistix Technical Support Team.

To open the Get support dialog box

  1. Choose Help > Get support in the toolbar.
    The Get support dialog box will open.

  2. Provide a detailed description of your issue in the text box.
  3. Provide your name in the First name field.
  4. Provide your family name in the Last name field.
  5. Provide your company name in the Company field.
  6. Type your e-mail into the Reply to e-mail field.
  7. If required, select one or more scenarios to attach to this request from the Select scenario drop-down list.

    The drop-down list contains only scenarios of the currently open project.

  8. Optionally you can click Select file to attach any exported scenario or any other required file.

    The file size should not exceed 30MB

  9. Click Send to complete the process of sending your help request to the anyLogistix Technical Support Team.
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