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Log File

The data on daily anyLogistix activities and operations is stored in the alx.log file. When contacting the anyLogistix Technical Support team, you can be asked to provide this file.

The alx.log file location depends on your operating system:

  • C:\Users\Username\.anyLogistix3 folder in the Windows OS.
  • \Users\Username\.anyLogistix3 folder in the macOS.

To open the log file

  1. In the toolbar click and select Show logs.
    The alx.log file will:
    • Open in your system editor if you are using anyLogistix desktop version.
    • Be downloaded if you are using anyLogistix Professional Server. In this case you need to manually open it from the folder it was downloaded to.

Storing error logs

The data is stored in the alx.log file. At the end of the day this file is renamed (the current date is added to the file name, e.g. alx.2024-01-11.log), and a new alx.log file is created.

The maximum size of the alx.log file is 50 MB. If the daily log data exceeds this limit, you will have several log files for this day.

If you were not using anyLogistix for a day or two, blank log files will not be created for those dates.

To prevent creating unlimited number of log files, the log rotation mechanism rewrites the oldest log file when one of the following conditions is met:

  • You have reached the maximum possible number of log files (20).
  • The total size of log files reached 1 GB.
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