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Cash Accounts

This table is used within the Simulation type of experiments only. It contains data on cash flows of the facilities in your supply chain. A cash account contains the initial cash of a facility (several facilities or a group of facilities) can spend, i.e., their cash on hand that can be spent on purchasing, processing and selling raw materials.

The data from this and Payment Terms tables is used to collect Cash to Serve statistics, which allow you to analyze the amount of cash required for this supply chain to function properly.

Column Description
Name The name of the cash account. It must be a meaningful name since you will refer to it in other anyLogistix tables.
Facilities The facility (several facilities or a group of facilities) for which the cash account is defined.

The cell contains a list (taken from the DCs and Factories table) with the required facilities (several facilities or a group of facilities).

Initial Cash Defines the initial amount of cash the specified site(s) has at its disposal.
Currency The type of currency that the payment will be made in. The available currencies used throughout the scenario can be changed in the Units section of anyLogistix settings.
Interest Interest ratio in the interval (0-1) that is used to calculate the amount of above repayment to make of the borrowed amount of funds.
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