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Scenario Type Screen

The scenario type screen is available if there are no open scenarios in this type tab.

The scenario type screen contains the following sections:

  1. The minimized section with input data and experiments.
  2. Information section — brief details on the selected scenario type. Additionally, you may find tiles in the bottom:
    • Video — click to go to official anyLogistix YouTube channel.
    • Tutorial — click to open the tutorial on the experiment of this scenario type in the anyLogistix help.
    • Help — click to open anyLogistix documentation.
  3. Examples and closed scenarios — the list contains either:
    • anyLogistix examples (if the Import example tab is open).
      Hover your mouse over an example tab to see its controls:
      • Import — click to open this example in anyLogistix 3.
      • Details — click to open description of this example.
    • Closed scenarios (if the Closed scenarios tab is open).
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